New York Teavana Bar

Teavana Bar in New York

As most tea lovers were I was quite excited when I first heard that Starbucks would open its first Teavana store in New York. I got a chance a few months back to pay a visit this store. My first impression was definitely a ‘wow’.

Teavana Bar in New York

It’s a combination of classic tea store and bar where you can have your tea. In a way, it’s a new breed featuring characteristics of both Starbucks and Teavana. The place is quite cozy and spacious, perfect tea escape from hectic life of New York.

However I must say I’m not that impressed by tea I was served. Sure it was not run-of-the-mill tea (way above average tea) but it’s not as good as I expected (my standards are a bit high I guess:)).

In a nutshell, it’s a great place. I strongly suggest anyone who pass through New York to pay a visit. You won’t regret it.

Wishing to get one here in Istanbul very soon.