A Hidden Gem in Sarajevo: Cajdzinica Dzirlo

Bascarsija in Sarejova

Bosnia is definitely more inclined to coffee than tea. Bosnians drink their coffee plain served with sugar and delight. It’s quite similar to Turkish coffee, main difference being delight served along side coffee. Although I’m not a coffee person,  I must say, it’s delicious and refreshing.

Bosnian Coffee

It was one of beautiful Sarajevo afternoons we were enjoying when we got caught off guard in the rain in Bascarsija. That’s how we bump into Cajdzinica Dzirlo, just to get cover from rain. What we ended up having not just a haven from rain but also great cup of tea and two great hosts.

Cajdzinica Dzirlo

The owners, Husein and Dijana,  are more than hospitable. They treated us like family and served us great tea. The place is so cozy and warm, it feels like home sweet home. I guess the picture above speaks for itself !

Cajdzinica Dzirlo

If you happen to visit Sarajevo, you should not leave without having cup of tea at Cajdzinica Dzirlo. Particularly after drinking too much Bosnian coffee at every corner of Bosnia.