Six Things You Should Know About Turkish Tea

Turkish Tea

1) It’s served in a tulip-shaped glass along side with generally two cubes of sugar. Since it’s mostly bitter you’ll need sugars.

2) In order to brew Turkish tea you’ll need two pots : caydanlik (kettle ) and demlik (teapot). You’ll need demlik for highly concentrated tea and caydanlik just for boiling water. Demlik sits on top of caydanlik during both brewing and serving.

Turkish Tea

3) It’s everywhere like chai in India. So don’t worry tea addicts! You’ll have no problem suppressing your hunger for tea.

4) When we talk about Turkish tea we mostly talk about black tea. Although the popularity of green tea has increased significantly  for health reasons in recent years, it’s still limited in consumption. White and oolong teas are hardly known, let alone yellow and puerh teas.

5) Tea you drink in Turkey is grown in Rize, a city in North East Turkey, which is very close to Georgia.

Rize, Turkey

6) If you are offered nice cup of Turkish tea you should accept, it mostly means you’re more than welcome. It’s an invitation to a friendly conversation!


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