Is Turkey addicted to tea ?

Turkish Tea - photo is courtesy of Alexander M.
Turkish Tea – photo is courtesy of Alexander M.

No argument there! When a dear colleague of mine sent me link of a post including per person tea consumption of countries, I could not have guessed that Turkey comes first had I not already known it. My first guess would probably have been China or Japan, even England but not Turkey.  We consume almost 7 pounds of tea per person per year, way ahead of other countries. That’s said if you’ve been to Turkey before, you already know that you do not need statistics to figure out this country is crazy about tea. Tea is everywhere from dawn to midnight. Even if you’re not a tea person, you can not call it a day without drinking at least 3-4 glasses of tea.

where the world's biggest tea drinkers are?

It’s mostly black tea though. Other types of teas such as oolong and white teas are hardly known. As for green tea, demand has been increasing but compared to black tea it’s nothing.

I’m quite happy living in a country where you do not have to show any effort to get a cup of tea, sipping is the only action you need to take:) Having said that I’m looking forward to seeing other types of teas as popular as black tea. Just kidding. No way!

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      1. Cheers, Emin. I really want to spend more time in Turkey. Have you visited the tea-growing regions in Turkey? Random question: Is there a import tax on non-Turkish tea into the country?

        1. Actually my family has got tea gardens in Rize which is main city of tea production. As for import tax, yes there is and it’s huge! It’s around 145%. This tax makes tea import next to impossible. That’s why tea smuggling is too common in Turkey.

          1. Very interesting stuff! May I quote you in my blog post about Turkish tea? I would like to put the bit about the 145% tax and common smuggling. I will put a back link to your blog.

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