Tea Review: Arya Black Tea by Happy Earth Tea

Arya Black Tea by Happy Earth Tea

Region : Darjeeling
Estate and Year: Arya, First Flush 2013
Leaf Appearance: Small, wiry and mostly green leaves.
Steeping: 3 gr of tea with 200 ml water at 95-100 Celsius degrees about 3 minutes.
Liquor: Between yellow and green

I’ve been longing to try Darjeeling Teas from Happy Earth Tea for some time. Happy Earth Tea which was founded by Niraj Lama and his wife Mary Boland in 2011 is located in Rochester, New York. Niraj is originally from Darjeeling and making most of his background to source great teas from Darjeeling, India.

A colleague of mine was kind enough to get me some tea while he was visiting the US last week. I ordered some breakfast tea which is blend of Assam and Yunnan black teas and a sample set of their Darjeeling First and Second flush teas which include their four Darjeeling teas. It was hard to decide which one to review for this post yet finally I made my choice and went for Arya Black First Flush.

First of all you can not go wrong with Darjeeling teas especially if it’s first flush. Yet there are even better ones and this one from Arya Estate is sure one of them. If you do not know much about tea, you can easily confuse it with green tea because of its leaf appearance.

It’s so rich in aroma and flavor, you can feel Darjeeling in it even your eyes closed.  It’s exactly what you’d expect from Darjeeling tea. Enjoy your tea!

Arya Black Tea by Happy Earth Tea Arya Black Tea by Happy Earth Tea