Tea Review: Lotus Lake Black Tea by Postcard Teas

Lotus Black Tea

Region : Hanoi, Vietnam
Price: £6.95 for 10 gr.
Leaf Appearance: Small, wiry and mostly dark black leaves.
Steeping: 3 gr of tea with 200 ml water at 95 Celsius degrees about 3 minutes.
Liquor: Between brown and red.

This tea has been sitting in my cupboard for more than a year. I bought it last time I visited London. I know keeping teas for future use is not a smart idea but for some reason I’ve been keeping this tea for a special moment.

Postcard Teas has always been a great provider of fine teas and Lotus Black Tea from Vietnam is just one of them. Furthermore this tea is my first tea from Vietnam and first lotus flavored black tea to drink and review alike.

I brewed it as it’s instructed on Postcard Teas’ website. Dry leaves were wiry and small and had quite dark black color. On the other hand liquor was between brown and red. First thing you notice even before you drink is quite sharp aniseed-like aroma, probably coming from lotus flowers. It’s slightly bitter and smokey reminiscent of smoked teas. That’s said it’s got kind of sweetness in it which makes it very unique. Lingering aftertaste was even better.

In a nutshell this tea which you would not come across very often is very unique therefore very special black tea.

Lotus black TeaLotus Black Tea