Tea Review: Qimen Black Tea by Peter’s TeaHouse of Venice

Peter's TeaHouse

I had been quite hopeless to find a tea house in Venice before we got to our hotel. Lucky me Peter’s TeaHouse was only a few meters away from our hotel. I was hoping to get  served some tea after a tiring and tea-less day but unfortunately they do not serve tea at the shop. So I get some Qimen black tea and some Earl Grey to drink later. At first I got under the impression that Peter’s TeaHouse is a local tea house of Venice but when I dug up a little more I found out that it’s a chain of tea shops across Italy.

I paid only 5 euros for 100 grams of Qimen black tea. It’s relatively cheap compared to other Qimen black teas I have tried so far. To tell you the truth, when I first saw price tag I could not help myself to think that it’s a low quality tea. However it’s proved me wrong. It turned out to be a great deal, particularly coming from a coffee-dominated country.

Qimen tea is named after where it’s produced in China which is Qimen, Anhui.Dry tea leaves are small, wiry, mostly black and somewhat brown. The liquor was very clear and bright red. It has earthy flavor, slightly reminiscent of smoked teas.

If you happen to be strolling in Venice’s narrow streets and feel in the mood for some great tea, particularly after drinking countless of espressos, then Peter’s TeaHouse is the right place to get some loose tea.

Qimen Black Tea by Peter's TeaHouse

Qimen Black Tea by Peter's TeaHouse


Qimen Black Tea by Peter's TeaHouse