Tea Review: Turkish Black Tea by Caykur

Turkish black tea by Caykur

Region : Rize, Turkey
Leaf Appearance: Small and broken tea leaves
Steeping: 3-4 gr of tea with 200 ml water at 100 Celsius degrees about 3 minutes.
Liquor: Between red and brown

This tea is one of the highly demanded black teas by Caykur which is state-run tea company of Turkey dominating more than 50% of Turkish tea market. It’s labeled as ‘Çaykur Souvenir’ which suggests higher grades of tea leaves are used in the production. It’s coming from Rize, tea capital of Turkey.

Liquor is quite clear, between red and brown. There is no astringency at all which is not common occurrence for Turkish black tea. Those who have drunk Turkish black tea would know that it’s served with sugar to remove astringency. Price is around $6-7  for 250 gr teas which is quite cheap given the quality of tea.

Caykur also has started production of green and white teas recently in order to catch up with the increasing domestic demand for these teas. I’ll review them soon as well to share with you how Caykur is doing on that front.

Turkish Black Tea by Caykur

Turkish Black Tea by Caykur

Turkish black tea by Cayku