Tea Review: Hemşin Organic Black Tea by Çaykur

Çaykur Organic Black Tea

  • Region : Rize, Turkey
  • Leaf Appearance: Small and broken tea leaves
  • Steeping: 4-5 gr of tea with 200 ml water at 100 Celsius degrees about 3 minutes.
  • Liquor: Between red and dark brown
  • Price:  Approximately 9 USD for 400 Gr

This tea is one of the organic teas that is produced by Çaykur which is a state-run tea company in Turkey. It is picked and produced in Hemşin that is a town of Rize province in the North East of Turkey. Some tea gardens in Hemşin, as pilot project, have been designated for organic tea production by Çaykur for some year. As I see it, it has been quite successful so far.

Back to review, dry leaves are small and finely cut. They are mostly dark brown and somewhat black. When it’s infused it produces between red and dark brown liquor.

It tastes slightly citrusy which is a fine and unexpected surprise for me; teas by Çaykur do not produce much neither aroma nor flavor. It’s this feature that makes this tea quite unique for me. It is also sweet compared to other teas by Çaykur and easily drinkable without sugar.

I’ve reviewed two black teas from Çaykur previously and Tirebolu black tea was my suggestion to those who would like to drink Turkish black tea. Yet I must admit this organic tea tops Tirebolu black tea both flavor and aroma-wise.  If you are willing to pay double for your tea I would highly recommend this tea. It’s worth every penny!

Çaykur Organic Black Tea Çaykur Organic Black Tea

Çaykur Organic Black Tea