Tea Review: Jin Xuan Oolong Tea by Eco Cha Teas

Jin Xuan Dong Ding Oolong Tea by Eco Cha

Region : Nantou, Taiwan
Leaf Appearance: Tightly rolled ball shaped tea leaves.
Steeping: Gongfu Style
Liquor: Both dark and light green tea leaves

Not many things are as therapeutic as highly aromatic Taiwanese oolong teas when it comes to get rid of daily stress of your life, it’s a way of meditation. I’ve been always great admirer of highly aromatic and fragrant nature of these teas. And milky oolongs are making their way up to my list recently. Previously I reviewed another milky oolong tea by Taiwan Tea Crafts which I liked very much. This week thanks to Eco Cha and Jaye (Cardiff in a Tea Cup) I’ve had a chance to try another milky oolong tea: Eco Cha Jin Xuan Oolong Tea. It’s this year’s spring tea and coming from Nantou, Taiwan. I went for Gongfu style brewing and used one of my Yixing teapots. I used approximately 6-7 grams of tea and water at 90 celsius degrees.

I steeped it 60 seconds for the first brew which produced very rich creamy and milk taste with vegetable notes. The liquor is between green and yellow. The second steep took 75 seconds; though it’s not as strong as first steep it’s still rich in terms of milkiness and creaminess. However I did not get any vegetable notes at this steep. With the third steep which was 90 seconds, it started to lose its aroma and flavor. I was willing to go for another steep and did  brew it for two minutes for the last steep. The fourth steep produced a tad creamy  liquor yet even at this stage you can still feel the freshness of tea leaves.

Jin Xuan Oolong Tea by Eco Cha Teas

Jin Xuan Dong Ding Oolong Tea by Eco Cha Teas