Tea Review: Global Tea Hut Sheng Puerh Tea

Global Tea Hut Sheng Puerh Tea

To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a continuous Puerh tea drinker. I don’t even remember the last time I drank it. The underlying reason for that is I kind of get the impression that Puerh teas are the most complicated of all teas and it takes a lot of competency to really appreciate it. That unconscious belief has led me to stay away from enjoying this category of tea so far.

This month I subscribed to Global Tea Hut magazine and they sent me a box of Sheng Puerh Tea from Bing Dao village, Yunnan. Global Tea Hut is basically a tea magazine which is run by volunteers. When you get subscribed to their magazine you’ll get a box of tea and some tea accessories alongside with it each month. What tea you get is complete surprise to you which is good for breaking out of your rut. I myself mostly tend to drink my favorites and rarely get out of my comfort zone. The magazine itself is great source for those who want to get their knowledge of tea deeper. This month’s magazine is all about Puerh tea that includes how Puerh tea is produced, history of Puerh tea, types of Puerh tea and etc. So I highly suggest any tea lover give it a shot and see themselves. For those who’re into Puerh teas I think this month’s edition is a must-have.

As you know there are two types of Puerh Tea: Sheng  (Raw/Green) Puerh and Shou (Cooked/Black) Puerh. The main difference between two is that Sheng Puerh is fermented naturally which takes a lot longer time than Shou Puerh. In order to meet the demand for Puerh tea, starting from early 1970s farmers started to accelerate fermentation process. This led to production of a new type of Puerh Tea which is Shou or Cooked Puerh Tea.

This month’s tea by Global Tea Hut was produced by Mengku Shuanjiang factory. It’s stone-pressed, air-dried and organic which is kind of rare for Puerh teas. I must say it was quite bitter and astringent. This tea is not good match for those who’re looking for sweetness in their tea. Following first infusion you can see the freshness of tea leaves. Watching dark black tea leaves turning into green is kind of an amazing experience.

Thanks to Global Tea Hut I once again met with Puerh teas and this time I’m quite determined that it’ll be a life-long journey. I’m already loooking forward to getting next month’s edition of Global Tea Hut.

Global Tea Hut Sheng Puerh Tea

Global Tea Hut Sheng Puerh Tea

Global Tea Hut Sheng Puerh Tea


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  1. Great to see you embark on your voyage into Puerh tea! I am a massive Pu fan, I find it the most interesting tea genre by far, enjoy!

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