Tea Review: Global Tea Hut Sun Moon Lake Red Tea

Global Tea Hut Sun Moon Lake Red Tea

This month Global Tea Hut sent a box of famous Sun Moon Lake Red Tea of Taiwan alongside with their magazine. Taiwan is known for their aromatic oolong teas yet when it comes to red tea they know a thing or two about red tea too!

Although this is first time I get this tea from Global Tea Hut, it’s their only tea they send every year to their subscribers. It’s hand-picked, organic tea produced by Mr. Shu. It’s this summer’s tea and consists of large, dark black, wiry and uniform tea leaves.

The liquor is between brown and red. Although It’s slightly astringent you can get chocolate flavor easily. It’s very sweet tea with a little astringency, kind of bittersweet.

One of the best ways to review the quality of tea leaves is to examine spent tea leaves. If you take a look at the last picture below you’ll get what I mean. This month’s tea is full of whole, uniform tea leaves which proves us how meticulously it’s produced.

In a nutshell, Sun Moon Lake Red Tea is now among my favorite black teas. It’s very unique and special red tea which deserves a permanent space in my tea cabinet. I’m sure it will make same impression on you too, especially if you’re into red teas.

Global Tea Hut Sun Moon Lake Red Tea Global Tea Hut Sun Moon Lake Red Tea

Global Tea Hut Sun Moon Lake Red Tea