Tea Review: Global Tea Hut GABA Tea

Global Tea Hut GABA Tea

What is GABA tea ?

GABA tea is semi-oxidized tea which is mostly categorized as oolong tea because of varietals used to make it. However it can be easily categorized as a new type of tea. GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) is an amino acid which naturally exists in human body and works as neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Actually all types of tea contain GABA; and you can mostly find it in green tas. GABA Tea is produced in a way that GABA amount in tea is maximized.

It’s been first discovered in Japan and recognized for its health benefits since. For a detailed understanding of GABA Tea health benefits check out the post by Peter Wescombe at Tching.

Tasting Notes for Peaceful Slumber

This month’s tea by Global Tea Hut is coming from Pinglin, Taiwan. It is an organic tea which is withered in vacuum-sealed bags. This one is striped style GABA tea compared to other tightly rolled ones.

Dry tea leaves are comprised of mostly black and somewhat golden leaves. It’s a complex tea with many subtle qualities. By the look of it you easily get that it’s a freshly picked and produced tea. The liquor is dark brown. It tastes so sweet beyond your expectation. No bitterness or astringency at all! Furthermore It’s very smooth to drink.

I’ve tried it at night time as it’s suggested to assess calming and relaxing effect of the tea. I must say it’s as relaxing and therapeutic as it’s argued in this month’s magazine. As soon as you take your sip you get why it’s called “Peaceful Slumber“.

Having subscribed to Global Tea Hut Magazine has been the best thing in my tea odyssey recently. I’ve had the chance to try new and exquisite teas and learnt a lot from their magazine. I highly recommend you to give it a shot and see it yourself!

Global Tea Hut GABA Tea Global Tea Hut GABA Tea Global Tea Hut GABA Tea