Tea Review: Flavored Turkish Black Tea by Solen Tea

Flavored Turkish Black Tea by Solen Tea

Region: Rize, Turkey
Price: Approximately $4 for 250 Gr
Leaf Appearance: Small, black, proportionally cut tea leaves.
Liquor: Brilliant red color, between red and brown

This week I’ve had the chance to try a flavored Turkish black tea by Solen Tea which is one of the private tea companies in Turkey. It goes by the name of Solen Gold Tea and produced by blending Turkish black tea with mountain thyme and orange peels.

Dry tea leaves are comprised of very small, proportionally cut black tea leaves alongside with orange peels and mountain thyme. Base tea is black tea from Rize region, one that is quite good as well. Even though it’s customary to use inferior tea for flavored teas; to the contrary, the black tea used in this blend is very rich and fresh.

What makes this tea stands out among other Turkish black teas is the very subtle use of mountain thymes. Not only it adds very floral taste and smell to the tea it also kills the very well known bitterness of Turkish black tea.

We do not have many options when it comes to Turkish black tea. This tea is a great option for tea lovers who would like to extend their palate for Turkish tea.

Flavored Turkish Black Tea by Solen Tea
Flavored Turkish Black Tea by Solen Tea