Doke Silver Needle White Tea by Lochan Tea

Doke Silver Needle White Tea

Country : Bihar, India
Estate: Doke
Leaf Appearance: Young buds covered with white down.
Steeping: 3 gr of tea with 200 ml water at 80-85 Celsius degrees about 3 minutes.
Flush: Second Flush 2014

So far I’ve reviewed Doke Black Fusion and Hattiali Golden Paw from Lochan Tea. Similiar to Doke Black Fusion, Doke Silver Needle coming from Doke garden in Bihar, India. For those of you who do not know Lochan family at all, Rajiv Lochan started Doke tea garden in 1998. And as of today it’s turned out to be a great success for Lochan family.

As tea lovers we’re used to drink great black teas from India, particularly from Lochan Tea. However recently Lochan family have come up with other types of tea as well including white, green and oolong teas. This week I’ve had the chance to try their handmade Silver Needle White Tea produced in Doke.

To tell you the truth I had not expected this tea to be that good before I took my first sip.It comprises this year’s second flush fresh buds covered with white downs. I brewed it for 3 minutes at about 80-85  Celsius degrees by using 3 grams of tea for 200 ml water. When it’s brewed it produces golden yellow liquor. It’s a full-bodied tea with sweet and fruity notes.

For someone who is used to drink really good quality silver needle from Fujian, it’s not easy to accept the idea of drinking silver needle coming from other tea producing countries. Particularly from a country which is so much identified with the production of black teas. In a nutshell, this Silver Needle by Lochan Tea definitely as good as their black teas and won’t let you down. 

Doke Silver Needle White Tea

Doke Silver Needle White Tea