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Tea Review: ‘Old Man Camphor’ Shou Puerh Tea by Global Tea Hut

I’ve already reviewed another Puerh Tea by Global Tea Hut which was a Sheng or Green Puerh Tea. As you know there are two types of Puerh Tea: Sheng (Green/Uncooked) and Shou (Black/Cooked). This month I have been sent a small box of Shou Puerh Tea named ‘Old Man Camphor’ from Lincang, Yunnan. It’s a blend of two different teas (grade one and grade three teas) from 2007.

It smells earthy and woody. It’s got a very creamy and somewhat sweet flavor. There’s a little touch of bitterness also which goes quite well with this tea. It’s a powerful and full-bodied tea.
You can learn more about Puerh teas, particularly Shou Puerhs at this month’s magazine by Global Tea Hut. There is an article covering different leaf sizes of Puerh Tea, processing of mao cha (rough tea) and Shou Puerh Tea for those who want a better understanding of this type of tea.

Global Tea Hut Shou Puerh Tea Global Tea Hut Shou Puerh Tea