Tea Review: Kabuse Sencha Green Tea by Obubu Tea

Kabuse Sencha or shaded tea is Obubu‘s most premium green tea. Even though Gyokuro tea is known as shaded tea of Japan; there are some senchas such as this one shading technic is applied. It’s sort of a middle way between Sencha and Gyokuro. The main reason for shading tea and therefore reducing sunlight on tea leaves is to create amino acid and chlorophyll-rich tea leaves in order to get a more complex and rich tea. Obubu’s Kabuse Sencha was covered for two weeks prior to harvesting. It’s all made from %100 aracha from Wazuka, Kyoto.

Dry tea leaves are mostly dark green and have a needle-like sharpness with somewhat broken leaves. As usual for Japanese green teas it smells grassy. I used 5 grams of tea, 80 ml of water at 70 degrees for about 1.5 minutes for the first infusion as it’s instructed at Obubu’s tea brewing brochure. The liquor was very light green and you get grassiness from the liquor easily. It’s a very sweet tea with a little bit astringency. I’m quite a fan of having both sweet and bitter notes in tea. Yet sweetness in this tea is quite different from the sweetness of other teas such as sweetness of Ali Shan Oolong. This tea is distinguished with its ‘umami’ flavor which means ‘tasty’ in Japanese according to the description at Obubu’s Tea Brochure. It’s also a persistent tea with a very creamy texture.

Obubu Kabuse Sencha Green Tea Obubu Kabuse Sencha Green Tea


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