Tea Review: Spring 2007 Shou Puerh Tea by Global Tea Hut

Shou Puerh Tea by Global Tea Hut

  • Region: Mengku, Lincang, Yunnan
  • Dry tea leaves: Very dark, compressed tea leaves
  • Liquor: Dark red-brown
  • Brewing : Gongfu style using yixing teapot

As you know Puerh tea is classified under the category of dark tea which is one of the six types of tea. Some even suggest Puerh tea should be considered as a different category of tea rather than a type of dark tea. This tea takes its name after the town of Pu er in Yunnan province. There are two types of Puerh tea: Sheng (raw) Puerh which is naturally fermented and Shou (cooked) Puerh which is artificially fermented. By artificial What I mean is that the fermentation is accelerated through heat and moisture unlike Sheng Puerh tea. Although Sheng Puerh can be traced back to Tang Dynasty (618-907), Shou only dates back to 1970s. Sheng Puerh requires a very long time to be fermented, from 10 to 50 years, Shou Puerh only takes around 60 days to be ready.

Previously I reviewed two other Puerh teas from Global Tea Hut: King of the Forest (Sheng Puerh Tea) and Old Man Camphor (Shou Puerh Tea). Although they were both great teas, I liked Sheng Puerh more which was a way richer experience.

Global Tea Hut sent its subscribers another Shou Puerh tea in February. It was  produced in 2007 like the ‘Old Man Camphor’ they delivered a few months back. It’s named as ‘Inner Path’ and comes from Mengku, Lincang. Dry tea leaves are very dark and compressed. The smell of dry tea leaves are mostly reminiscent of woods. The taste of the liquor is very earthy and woody as well. It’s not a strong tea, to the contrary mild and smooth one. You may also come across some chocolaty notes. The lingering aftertaste is quite persistent too.

In a nutshell ‘Inner Path’ is another great tea by Global Tea Hut. I’m quite new to Puerh teas and thanks to them I feel like I’m getting a grasp of Puerh tea basics finally.

Shou Puerh Tea by Global Tea Hut Shou Puerh Tea by Global Tea Hut