Tea Review: Tian Shan Green Tea by Green Tea Guru

Tian Shan Green Tea by Green Tea Guru

  • Region: Fujian, China
  • Dry tea leaves: Wiry, dark green tea leaves
  • Liquor: Light green
  • Infusion: Gongfu style using gaiwan

This week’s tea is first for me both seller-wise and tea-wise. It’s coming from Guildford, UK based online tea retailer Green Tea Guru. Green Tea Guru sells loose teas from both China and Taiwan yet focusing mostly on green teas. I bought a few sample packages of their tea selection and I have decided to go for Tian Shan green tea for this week’s review. It’s produced at Lao Fu tea farm in Fujian, China.

Dark green tea leaves are uniform and smell grassy. They are also very fresh and tender. The liquor is light green. Dominant flavor and aroma in this tea is grassiness. It reminded me of steamed Japanese green teas. Alongside with its vegetable taste it’s got also some sweetness in it. That’s said you can also get a tad astringency but a welcomed one.

In a nutshell, this tea by Green Tea Guru is a nice addition to your tea cupboard for everyday use. It’s light and refreshing with sweet aftertaste.

Tian Shan Green Tea by Green Tea Guru Tian Shan Green Tea by Green Tea Guru