Tea Review: Çaykur Silver Needle White Tea

Silver Needle White Tea by Çaykur

  • Region: Rize, Turkey
  • Dry tea leaves: Short, needle-like tea buds
  • Year: May 2014
  • Price: 30 USD for 20 Gr
  • Liquor: Pale yellow
  • Brewing: Western style in a glass teapot

This week I’ve got a very special tea to review: First white tea ever produced by Çaykur. Its astronomical price already has eclipsed other features of this tea. If you’re willing to get a hold of it you have to pay 1500 USD per kilo which is way above other great silver needle white teas I’ve tried so far from China. Please correct me if I’m wrong but it’s most likely the most expensive silver needle white tea so far. Packaging is kind of extravagant as well, it’s delivered in a glass jar and wooden box which probably crafted for debut of this tea.

Çaykur bought 1531 kg of raw tea buds from tea farmers last year and produced 370 kg silver needle white tea out of it. This is first time Çaykur have produced any white tea; as you know well Çaykur mostly produce black teas as per high demand on black tea in Turkey. 

Dry tea leaves are comprised of uniform and fresh tea buds. They’re short and thin compared to other silver needles I’ve tried so far. As usual they have the appearance of needles and covered with downy hairs.

To be honest I was not expecting this tea to be that good when I took my first sip out of cup. The aroma is very floral; the flavor is very smooth and sweet with beautiful lingering aftertaste. 

In a nutshell Çaykur have done a great job by producing this tea, it’s long overdue. Furhermore I believe this is the first tea produced by Çaykur that can have a place at high-end tea market quality-wise.

Silver Needle White Tea by Çaykur Silver Needle White Tea by Çaykur Silver Needle White Tea by Çaykur Silver Needle White Tea by Çaykur