Tea Review: What-Cha Malawi Zomba Pearls White Tea

What-Cha Zomba Pearls White Tea

  • Estate: Satemwa Tea Estate, Malawi
  • Year: Spring 2014
  • Dry Tea Leaves: Tightly rolled pearl-shaped tea leaves
  • Liquor: Golden-colored
  • Price: £8 for 50 Gr

Previously I reviewed Satemwa Antlers white tea from What-Cha Tea which is an extraordinary tea. In this post I’ll review another great white tea, Zomba Pearls, from Satemwa Tea Estate. Simliar to Satemwa Antlers this one is also very unique tea and it’s a must-try for tea lovers.

First thing you will like about this tea is its pearl-shaped tea leaves. Particularly those who like Chinese Jasmine pearls will fall in love with this one. It’s not as tightly rolled as Jasmine pearls yet it takes more than a few infusions to get tea leaves unfurl. For this reason I suggest you to use a glass teapot in order to enjoy the dance of tea leaves as they unfurl. You are gonna love it!

I brewed it as it’s instructed at What-Cha website by steeping 3 grams of tea at 80°C in a small teapot for 3-4 minutes. I did four brews until tea leaves unfurl almost fully. You can easily get more than four infusions although both flavor and aroma started to fade away in third and fourth infusions.

It tastes sweet as you expect from any good quality white tea. What distinguishes this tea from other white teas it’s tangy cucumber taste which is not something I’ve come across in other white teas I’ve tried so far. It’s very sweet tea with no astringency. The lingering after taste is smooth and delicate as well.

What-Cha Zomba Pearls White Tea
The liquor of Satemwa Zomba Pearls
What-Cha Zomba Pearls White Tea
The spent tea leaves of Satemwa Zomba Pearls