Tea Review: Yunomi Organic Genmaicha Green Tea

 Yunomi  Genmaicha Green Tea 

  • Region: Kyoto&Kagoshima
  • Cultivar: Yabukita Blend
  • Dry Tea Leaves: Blend of short green tea leaves and brown rice
  • Liquor: Light green
  • Price: $6.80 for 50gr

Genmaicha literally means brown-rice tea and produces very strong toasty aroma. It is a very unique Japanese green tea which is produced by combining either bancha or sencha tea leaves with roasted brown rice. I personally prefer the ones that are produced using sencha tea leaves. Previously I’ve reviewed a great genmaicha green tea from Obubu Tea Farm which is made with sencha tea leaves. 

This week’s tea is from Yunomi Tea. It’s an organic tea and produced by blending tea leaves from Kyoto and Kagoshima. I brewed it as it’s instructed at Yunomi steeping guide. I used 5 grams of tea leaves, 180ml water and infused it at about 85 Celcius degrees. I did three steppings in total. I went for exactly 30 seconds for the first infusion which produced light green liquor. Aroma of roasted rice was the first thing that hit me even before I took my first sip. Although I brewed it at about 85 Celsius degrees there was no astringency at all. It’s relatively sweet alongside with the toastiness of brown rice in the background. Normally I’m not a fan of rice tea since most of the time rice dominates tea and all you get is the aroma and flavor of rice. Yet not in this one! This Genmaicha by Yunomi Tea is perfectly balanced. For the second infusion I went for just ten seconds. I think this was a mistake on my side because it produced a watery cup. I should have gone for a longer infusion which would have resulted in a stronger cup. I brewed it 30 seconds again for the third and last infusion. Even though it was not as strong as the first one it’s definitely suited my taste more than second infusion.

Of all three infusions I like the first one most. It was well balanced between roasted brown rice and tea leaves. It’s richer and more complex brew compared to first two infusions. Yet you can easily go for fourth even fifth infusion if you don’t mind more watery taste. Overall this Genmaicha from Yunomi Tea is one of the great examples of this unique Japanese green tea. 
Yunomi  Genmaicha Green Tea  
Yunomi  Genmaicha Green Tea